Cornish Books

North Cornwall is full of opportunities for outdoor activities for both residents and visitors and we have maps, sea charts, books about country and coastal path well as local walking and cycling trails, climbing, surfing and sailing.

So after a healthy day in the outside you could settle down to read about Cornwall’s rich heritage of mining, fishing, farming, language and music , and shipwreckers, smugglers and even pirates and ghostly haunting are well represented in our range of Cornish titles.

BOOK VI journeys through geology and history and describes every mile of the coastal path, including all of the beaches. The book provides accurate and authoritative information on fishing, smuggling and farming as well as mines, quarries, railways, canals, roads and bridges.

Cornwall is almost surrounded by sea. Some 300 miles of coast includes majestic cliffs, sheltered harbours, creeks and estuaries, and magnificent beaches. This book focuses on the different types of coastal habitat, their geography, geology and wildlife.


This book aims to bring back memories of traction once common, or not so common, on the rails of the Duchy of Cornwall.

A compendium of fascinating information about Cornwall past and present, this book contains a plethora of entertaining facts about the county's famous and occasionally infamous men and women, its towns and countryside, history, natural history, literary, artistic and sporting achievements, agriculture, transport, industry and royal visits.

Daniel Start takes readers to 500 amazing wild locations in Devon, Cornwall and the South East, with over 30 weekend itineraries including: watching the sun go down over secret beaches, climbing trees in ancient woodland, picnicking in wild flower meadows and more. A truly empowering book.